more* is a two-day workshop. An asterisk gives us more. It adds layers of information to a primary text. It encodes expletives, repairs mistakes, and inserts personal voice. It is an additive gesture. In this Southland Institute workshop, we will co-author and distribute a group publication that amplifies the potential of this glyph. The online publication is


Special thanks to Joe Potts for the invitation and Richard Caceres for programming the website and introducing us to


Saturday, December 5, 2020

Saturday, December 13, 2020

Day 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Lecture
  3. Exercise 1: Asterisk
  4. Exercise 2: Text
  5. Short Presentations
  6. Tutorial

This week...

  1. Using found materials, please add 1–3 annotations for each: text, image, audio
  2. You can add annotations to anything on the page.
  3. Keep in mind… how does your asterisk operate?

Day 2

  1. Warm-up
  2. Exercise 3: Annotations
  3. Github
  4. Annotate
  5. Annotation Tours
  6. Survey


Our final website can be seen here: